Can Rinsing System

DS1 Manual Rinse System

Where a depal or whale tail is not feasible, the DS1 allows you to rinse your cans before being filled. Due to its small footprint, it is especially effective for mobile canning. 

Here at Oasthouse we are out in the field often, and its through talking to our customers world wide where we thought of the DS1. The manual loading of machines is common among the craft brewer and mobile canners alike, but there was no solution to being able to rinse cans before filling if a depal was not available, until now. The DS1 allows Can Rinsing and/or Can sanitizing before filling.

The unique 180 degree twist component allows faster loading onto a filling machine.


Please contact us if you would like to order this part or require more information.   


  • Robust but light aluminium frame
  • 180 degree can inverter
  • 2 push down rinse stations
  • Full pipe work fitted
  • Various connection fittings available to suit your needs