Filling labelling and packaging solutions for the craft brewer

  • Meheen Bottle Fillers & Labelling Machines
  • Wild Goose Canning Machines
  • Can Shrink Sleeving & Artwork
  • Bespoke Brewery Equipment

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Meheen fillers

Meheen Filling & Labelling

  • Merlin M6 Filler
  • Merlin M4 Filler
  • Merlin M2 Filler
  • Meheen Labeller
  • Meheen Tank Manager

Wild goose canning

Wild Goose Canning

Wild Goose Canning Machines

  • WGC 100
  • WGC 250
  • WGC 250M
  • WGC 250MCE
  • WGC 600


  • Shrink Sleeving service for your cans and bottles 
  • We can sleeve your product for you
  • We are able to supply Cans and Sleeves for the smaller operator
  • Pass us your artwork and we will transform it into a professional looking can or bottle
  • Removes the need for a labeller

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