Wild Goose Canning

A seamer like no other


We designed our patented Wild Goose Canning Seamer from scratch for the carbonated canning application. Its unique design utilizes a hybrid pneumatic/cam-driven method to provide the cost and versatility of pneumatics, unprecedented serviceability, and the precision and robustness of rotary systems. The result is revolutionary: the smallest, fastest Seamer in the world.

Intuitive architecture and design

Wild Goose Canning Systems uses closed-loop architecture with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. All crucial timings and settings are available through a color, touch-screen interface. If any critical component malfunctions or behaves in a non-standard way, an error code is indicated, making diagnostics and repair simple.

Big power, small footprint

Wild Goose Canning Systems uses an inline filler rather than a rotary design, which gives you a smaller footprint at a lower cost and provides the same or better DO pick up. Our patented fill technology gives you unequaled control over flow rate, fill volume and foam on each individual fill head in real time.

Hatched in innovation

Wild Goose Canning Systems was integral to the birth of the mobile canning industry. And we continue to innovate by listening and responding to our customers’ needs. With an emphasis on quality parts and engineering, WGC has nearly doubled its sales every year since the launch of its first canning system.

Outstanding quality


Pop the Top of Quality

Canning your craft brew delivers draft-quality fresh beer that travels. Cans go where no bottle belongs: camping, parks, sports fields, the beach, the pool. From backpacking adventures to parties, craft beer drinkers want their beer to go with them.Cracking open a cold one – especially after summiting to the top of a peak or finishing an epic bike ride – is easier with cans. They cool faster than glass so campers can stick them in a cold stream and have a refreshing craft brew in minutes. It’s like having a mini-keg in your hand. No tap, no bottle-opener required.

Metallic is Mythic

Can technology has advanced significantly since the steel cans of the 1950s, and modern cans are lined to prevent interaction with the contents. In fact, in a range of blind taste tests, canned craft brews have a slight edge over bottles.

Light Breaks Your Brew

Glass of all colors, including dark amber, allows light to permeate your craft. Light is destructive to the organic compounds in beer that make the flavors everyone is so crazy about.This destruction is called “oxidative rancidity,” and turns fresh beer into stale beer. It can also wreck your profit by ruining the taste of your beer and shortening shelf life. Furthermore, cans are better than bottles at preventing air from getting in – air being the enemy of a delicious brew

Aluminum Cans Crush It for the Environment

Cans are crushable, making them even easier to pack out than pack in. Made from aluminum, the most abundant metal on earth, cans are 100% recyclable. Plus, aluminum retains its properties indefinitely and can be reused significantly more times than glass. Approximately 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today. And it’s one of the only materials in the consumer disposal stream that more than pays for cost of collection.

Cans Carry Your Bottom Line

With their compact size and lower weight – 67% less – cans cost less than bottles to ship. Craft brewers are using the savings on shipping costs to expand their brands into new markets. That means they’re getting more cans into more customers’ hands.

Engineering at it's best



It starts with “what would satisfy me in a canning system?” Then we imagine and hand-build the best one possible at our Boulder, Colorado facility. Wild Goose Canning is the brewing industry’s leading canning system maker because we insist on quality. Your best product comes from the alchemy between quality ingredients, experience and creativity. It’s no different with the equipment you choose.

 Engineering from the ground up

 80% of Wild Goose Canning Systems parts are designed and manufactured here in Boulder, Colorado, specifically for our precision-engineered canning systems.  

Wild Goose Canning Story


Two innovative engineers. One ambitious brewer. Five initial cans per minute. Wild Goose Canning grew from a summer afternoon in Boulder, Colorado when neighbor Upslope Brewing knocked on the door of the Wild Goose Engineering firm, asking for help troubleshooting a slow, faulty canning system. A few beers later, Wild Goose Canning’s founders realized not only could they fix the system, they could build a better one from the ground up.With that success, Wild Goose Canning debuted a model of the first canning system at the 2011 Craft Brewers Conference and left with nearly 200 customer requests. Wild Goose Canning’s innovations revolutionized seaming to provide the best can integrity in the industry, and also gave rise to the mobile canning industry, allowing small craft producers to get their premium product into customer hands.Since then, Wild Goose Canning has catered to independent craft beverage producers seeking a high-quality, small-footprint canning system that cans product reliably and affordably. From manual to automated to mobile systems, Wild Goose Canning’s state-of-the-art machines are helping craft producers all over the world achieve their best canned beer, cider, wine, coffee, spirits, juice and more.