Meheen Manufacturing

The Merlin Filler


Small Footprint, Big Results 

Meheen fillers are designed to optimize your limited floor space and turn it into a large scale production zone.

Bottle pre-evacuation, controlled pressures and long fill tubes = calm pours, low O2 pick-up and low product loss = a consistent, quality product bottle after bottle.

Meheen fillers are pneumatically powered for long-term reliability. No motors, gears or bearings to maintain. Low annual maintenance costs.

Our operating system helps you monitor and control fill rates, counter pressure, CO2 pulse/fobbing and other aspects of your filling process at the touch of a button.

The Labeller


Improve Your Process

Make your brand pop with the Meheen bottle labeler. This turnkey filling and labeling system simplifies the beverage packaging process of fill, crown and label with one complete system. 

Meheen’s ML bottle labeling system is designed to apply labels to a variety of glass, plastic or aluminum round containers. The Meheen ML bottle labeler is versatile to apply front only, front & back labels and full wrap at a rate of up to 60 labels per minute. The unique design of the air assist bottle guide ensures a consistent apply of the label on dry, moist and cold surfaces. Ultrasonic bottle detection provides reliable bottle sensing regardless of the beverage container material or color. Now you can “Label like you Meheen it!” 

The Tank Manager


The Brewers Best Friend

The Meheen Tank Manager was designed to help brew masters monitor and control their product by precisely managing temperature and carbonation levels both in product and in tank head space. The Tank Manager will become an invaluable partner, allowing you to achieve consistent production while eliminating the time consuming steps of manual carbonation. Just like your thermostat at home, set the Meheen Tank Manager to your exact CO2 specifications and be ready to bottle or keg your beverage in no time.  The Tank Manager is a sophisticated micro-processor that controls tank temperatures, automatic carbonating, carbonation levels and dispensing pressures for up to two tanks per machine.   

So why a Meheen ?



Touch Screen Control Panel

Digital touch screen panel allows the operator comprehensive control of the entire filling process, including single/double pre-evacuation, pre-purging, CO2 pulse/fobbing, temperature display and liquid psi controls.

Crown Sorter

Crown sorter and feeder for automatic bottle capping. Big Hopper option is available for longer production runs.

Automatic Cleaning And Sanitizing

Each filler comes with automatic cleaning and sanitizing cycles, which allow both to be done without moving the machine.

Pneumatically Powered

Meheen fillers are powered pneumatically via compressed air. No moving parts, gears or bearings to maintain.

High Production Volumes

Meheen fillers deliver high volume production rates up to 2,000 per hour per machine. Double or triple output by using multiple Meheens at a fraction of the cost of a rotary machine.

No Pressure Bowl

Meheen fillers eliminate the need for a pressure bowl, helping to significantly reduce contamination risk and product loss over rotary machines.

Filling and Capping Within Inches

Meheen fillers deliver the industry's most efficient distance between filling and capping, dramatically reducing the opportunity for O2 pickup.

What makes it so good


Custom made, just like your product

      Our filling technologies help premium brands ramp up bottling production quickly and efficiently. A Meheen fully automated, pneumatic-powered filler can produce up to 2,000 bottles per hour and help you increase distribution, revenues and profit margins from the first bottle and beyond.    

     A customised solution engineered for your needs. From Beer and Cider to Tea, Water, Soda and more. Whatever your bottling needs, Meheen can customise a complete filler-crowner system to accommodate any size and shape glass or aluminium bottle with the production volumes you require. Choose from 2, 4 and 6 head filler systems for any type of beverage product you wish to bottle and label. Meheen can have you immediately bottling and labelling up to 2,000 bottles per hour.

The History


Meheen was born from the early days of the American craft beer renaissance. Dave Meheen, founder of Meheen Manufacturing and passionate brewer of craft beers, opened his first microbrewery in the late 1980’s. Dave’s motivation in building his first bottling machine – a desire to protect the quality, taste and integrity of his own craft beer. Dissatisfied with filling machine options in the market, Meheen set out to design, engineer and manufacture bottling technologies that could meet his exacting standards. Machines that offered a reliable, precisely engineered solution capable of managing and controlling every aspect of the carbonation and filling processes from tank to bottle. For over twenty years, Meheen has been delivering industry-leading carbonating and filling technologies to our customers. Crafted in the USA from our facility in Pasco, Washington, our machines are currently ensuring beverage quality and consistency in all 50 U.S. states and around the world. 

Dave Meheen

Dave Meheen explains the history behind the original machine