Ska Fabricating Depalletizers

Here at Oasthouse Engineering Ltd we are the European agents for Ska depalletizers. Impressed by their simple and effective design, as well as their unmatched performance, we are proud to be connected with such a great company and product. If you are looking to install a production line, or want to upgrade your current line, Oasthouse and Ska Fab will meet your needs.

 “At Ska Brewing, we found ourselves solving a lot of problems that you couldn’t buy solutions for,” said Vincent. “We put in the time to make these things work just right, and what we ended up with were solutions that were created by brewers, for brewers, and proven in a brewery. That’s something other breweries just couldn’t find, and there’s a huge amount of value in it for them.”  - Ska Fabricating


Can Depalletizer

 The Ska Fabricating™ Can Depalletizer is the original, small footprint, semi-automated depalletizer. It is designed with space and cost in mind and is capable of depalletizing multiple sized packages of aluminum and metal containers. The Can-i-Bus Depalletizer is fully automated once the pallet is inserted and the straps and tier frame are removed. Works with all canning lines running at 25 to 600 cans per minute with proper accumulation and conveyance. 


Depalletizer Standard Features:

  • Numerous configurations available to best fit your space
  • Multiple voltage options available
  • Dimensions:72" x 51" x 134"
  • 155" ceiling clearance (to stand machine)
  • Metric: 1829 mm x 1295 mm x 3404 mm, 3937 mm ceiling clearance
  • Category 3 safety doors with Solenoid Interlock
  • Tier sheet catch (as shown)
  • Will accommodate full height or smaller pallets
  • Capable of depalletizing aluminum or metal containers
  • Speeds from 25 CPM to 600 CPM (with the proper conveyance and accumulation)
  • Loads with a pallet jack
  • Minimal air consumption (<1 CFM @ 20 PSI) (<.03cmm @ 2 Bar)
  • Automated tier sheet removal
  • User friendly touchscreen controls - Siemens PLC


  • CE certification package
  • Vertical Height Sensor (see below)
  • Depal Pal - Tier sheet storage bin (floor mount)
  • Heavy duty work platform
  • Twist rinse cage with 1/4” (6.35mm) stainless rod guide rails & stainless rinse tunnel
  • Variety of discharge conveyor options best suited for packaging line speeds
  • Custom color choices available
  • Stainless Steel

Custom Height Depalletizer

Our can depalletizer is available in custom heights.  It is designed for canners or breweries with space restrictions. It is designed for half pallets of aluminum or other metal containers.



Bottle and Glass Depalletizers


Our bottle and glass depalletizer is very similar to its cousin the Can-i-Bus Depalletizer. When we designed our low-level bottle depalletizer we kept the same recipe of a slim-profile, semi-automated depalletizer with numerous configuration options to best fit your space. Under the right conditions, the glass depalletizer can easily integrate with existing single filers or mat top conveyors.

Standard Features:

• Designed with space and cost in mind

• Small footprint at 51” x 72”

• Multiple conveyance options

• Numerous configuration options available

• Easily integrates into existing lines

• Speeds from 25 BPM up to 300 BPM with proper conveyance

• Loads with a standard pallet jack

• Minimal air consumption
(5-6 CFM @ 120 PSI intermittent)

• Several voltage options

• Fully Automated once pallet is inserted into machine and the straps

and tier frame are removed

• Automated vacuum tier sheet removal

• User friendly touchscreen controls



Mobile Canning Line Depalletizers


The Half Pint OD (Orbital Discharge) mobile depalletizer is designed for mobile canners and breweries with tight space restrictions. The first-of-its-kind rotary design features a 30-inch wheel, allowing for more accumulation, higher line speeds, a smaller footprint, and a better drop angle for the rinse cage. The wheel can run clockwise or counter-clockwise, making it possible to install two discharges for different can sizes with little to no changeover. With no vibrator, this machine is essentially silent. There is no installation required, making it a great option for small breweries and mobile applications. Watch the video below to see it in action.


  • Patent-pending rotary design
  • Stainless steel and lightweight aluminum construction
  • Speeds from 10 CPM up to 50 CPM
  • Minimal air consumption (<1 CFM @30 PSI) (<.03cmm @ 2 Bar)
  • 120V or 220V single phase
  • Can accommodate multiple can sizes with little to no changeover
  • Removable gates allow over 180 degrees of flexibility for discharge and rinse cage placement
  • Fully automated once the pallet is inserted into the machine & the straps & tier frame are removed
  • Lightweight with wheels for easy movement
  • Takes half pallets of aluminum and other containers
  • Designed for low clearance applications such as box trucks or low ceilings
  • Optional CE certification
  • Includes one rinse cage, discharge bracket, toolbox & storage area