Layers of shrink sleeved cans - Can Decoration


Can Decoration

Make your cans stand out on the shelves with vibrant designs using our can decoration service. Whether you decide to sleeve (shrink sleeving), label or print your art work, we will take care of the logistics and ensure your product is of premium quality, ready to be filled with your beverage of choice.

You're a small craft brewer, you can't afford the cost to bulk buy cans or indeed the storage space, and you'd be insane to think that you could have those cans sleeve decorated, well now that's all possible, thanks to our 1st class supply and sleeving service all the headache is taken off you and you're right at the head of the game.

If you require blank cans and ends, we can also supply these for your needs.


Shrink Sleeved Beverage Can - Can Decoration


Labelled Beverage Can - Can Decoration


Printed Beverage Can - Can Decoration


See a snippet of how shrink sleeving could transform your can into the product you desire!